Tuesday, June 8, 2010


No photos this time -- been pretty busy with other stuff. But the garden is producing nicely now. Steady harvest of lettuce, spinach (though this is nearly finished), radishes, peas, basil, parsley and even a couple small turnips.

I didn't realize how large the leaves of the turnips would get, so had to pull a couple of them to thin it out. Nearly a pound of spinach has been harvested -- the leafminers only put a small dent in the overall yield. Roughly 60 servings of lettuce, 22 ounces of snap peas, a bunch of parsley and many basil leaves have also been harvested.

My broccoli and cauliflower are healthy, but growing more slowly than last year. I was harvesting by mid-June last year, but it's looking more like late June for this crop -- I hope it's doesn't get too hot too soon.

Another small issue -- I thought I planted 2 vining squash, and hoped to train them up 2 stakes. I have 6 squares devoted to them. But as it turns out, this doesn't look like a vining variety. They're getting a little out of control, but are growing like crazy. I'll have to figure out a way to reign them in a bit.

The tomatoes are growing fast now, too. I'm out there pinching suckers nearly every day now. I'm having my doubts though that my spacing and structures are going to be sufficient. I'll try to get a photo next time to illustrate this.

So far, so good. The pests have generally left me alone so far, but I am still spraying BT every 7-10 days.


  1. Glad to hear things are going well. Bush squash/zucchini are monsters, aren't they. I've heard of some trapping them and forcing them up a tomato cage.

  2. Garden is about done here. I, too, had squash plants all over the place. Glad to hear you are getting lots of stuff in. Our tomatoes weren't that great, but got a LOT of them. Tons of string beans already. Have you tried the asparagus beans? They are so long, and really good. New Zealand spinach turned out well with no bugs and so far, withstanding Florida heat. Waiting for fall for replanting here. Until then, it's more hot weather beans!