Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still raining

Well, it's continued to rain -- haven't seen a glimpse of the sun since Saturday. So not much to report. It stopped long enough for me to go out and take a few pictures to show how things are growing.

Here are the peas and broccoli. The broc is really starting to take off now.

Here are some radishes starting to get going.

Some spinach, well along, and a second square just started. The parsley is getting nice and bushy.

And finally, the lettuce.

I'm also hardening off some lettuce seedlings for transplanting on Friday.

I'm also beginning to plan a project for the fall that will improve our backyard in general as well as improving and expanding the garden. It involves replacing our old metal shed with a slightly larger wooden one in a slightly different area of the yard (where 2 of my current 4x4 boxes are). This will open up about a 15 x 22 area of lawn that I can fence in and build more boxes. We've learned from neighbors that our entire backyard was a huge garden for 50 years or so, so I have a hunch the soil is pretty good. Building on top of this will allow me to use bottomless boxes to take advantage of this soil (the current boxes are lined with weed fabric and sitting on a patch of gravel).


  1. Luke, more boxes are always a good thing. Ha! You've got things well on their way, now!

  2. Just a lurker, love your blog. Spent the day today marvelling at my garden growth, and love looking at your pics from just a few weeks ago versus this week - Isn't it amazing how quickly everything just comes up!? Great work!