Friday, May 22, 2009


Not much new happening with the garden. I put the peppers in today (after I took the photos), so now the garden is fully planted, save of 1 square I haven't decided what to do with. I did discover a problem with my layout -- I have my cucumber transplants sitting in the row behind my broccoli plants. They're getting shaded pretty bad. I just hope they get real tall real fast to get out of the shadow. I'll know better for next year. I think I'll probably direct sow them too, rather than transplant since they don't seem all that healthy.

Box 4, prior to planting the bell peppers. You'll notice you can't see the cucumbers, as they're behind the right two broccoli plants. The radishes in the front row are almost ready -- I can see the top of the root poking out.

Seems like the leafminers are leaving my spinach alone for now.

Lots of green here.

Lots of lettuce here. We're having salads on a regular basis now.

The SWC tomatoes seem to be doing well.


  1. Luke,

    Everything is looking wonderful!
    My cucumbers seem to enjoy a little afternoon shade.


  2. The garden looks very productive. It's so nice to see the plants grow and fill in. Nice!!