Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's starting to crank up now

Starting to really get some crops going now. Harvested the first batch of sugar snap peas, three heads of lettuce, the first bunch of broccoli and more spinach. My first square of spinach started to bolt, so I quickly harvested the rest of the square and froze it.

Here's a head of buttercrunch and two heads of heirloom iceberg lettuce (including one freakishly large head). Also the first broccoli of the year. (And my daughter's lunchbox.)

My Ultimate Opener tomato plants have some small, marble-sized tomatos on them now. My Mr. Big Peas have lots of pods with peas starting to form inside. One tiny bell pepper, 1/4" in diameter, is hanging from one of my California Wonder plants. So things are really starting to come in now.

Besides all the harvesting and gazing in awe as the plants are starting to take off, I also tied some larger leaves around my cauliflower heads to blanch them. One of them is about the size of my fist and the other is a bit smaller.

Still battling some aphids on a few plants, but a jet of water from my water bottle seems to be keeping them at bay.


  1. Luke, that's and impressive harvest! Man...I wish my broccoli got that big. I hope y'all like salads, 'cause that lettuce will make alot of them!

  2. Thanks! I had to give some lettuce away we had so much. I didn't harvest early enough and hard enough for fear of "running out" of lettuce too soon. Ha! Now that I know how fast the stuff grows, I'll harvest like mad now and next season.

  3. Oh yummy! Can't wait for the cool season to grow some lettuces and (successful) broccoli. Hope they look as good as yours!
    You can stagger planting your lettuce so you don't end up with them all harvested at one time... (I'm sure you knew that tho) ;-).

  4. Woohoo!!! Things are looking good. Isn't it great?