Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have begun transitioning to Summer crops now that the Spring ones are finishing. I harvested the last of the lettuce earlier this week. Cut and washed it. We should have enough to last us through the weekend, and then that's it for fresh lettuce for the season. Planted bush beans, carrots and radishes in their place.

Also harvested what side shoots I could from my four broccoli plants and pulled them. Had about another half-bunch worth from the sideshoots. Planted some more bush beans and carrots in their place. My cucumbers have responded very well now that they're getting strong direct sun after being shaded by the broccoli for so long. Also cut the second cauliflower head (which was a bit smaller than the first, but still good), and replanted bush beans in that square.

Here are the peas (which partially blew off the netting during some wind last night), cucs next them, replanted squares where the broccoli were, peppers, carrots and bush beans.

Tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, cayenne peppers, basil, swiss chard, parsley, cilantro, and not pictured -- carrots and bunching onions.

Tomatoes, bush beans and yellow onions.

This is the former lettuce patch. Now it's tomatoes, bush beans, carrots and radishes.

I have my money on these beefsteaks being the first ones to ripen.

The pole beans have grown past the top of the trellis. The one on the right reached over and is now growing along the top rung of the neighboring trellis.

After all the rainy and cool weather, it's finally starting to feel like June here in NJ. The warm weather crops should perk up now.


  1. Looking very good. You are inspiring us to plant more carrots. We're all out and that's kinda sad. Your pole bean is super tall. Looks like it's reaching for the sky. Saw you just posted this, and thought it would be fun to respond so fast.

  2. Great progress, Luke! The cucumbers will definitely take off now, that the temps have went up.

  3. WOW! I'm so glad that you're doing so well. I know you were so excited when you began. It's odd to hear you just starting summer crops when ours are towards the end of production. :)