Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, rain, rain

It's been raining and raining and raining so no new photos to post. But I will summarize what's been happening since my last post.

The tomatoes continue to develop. I have small tomatoes on nearly all the indeterminate varieties now, and blooms on the determinates. I'm afraid though, that planting 2 determinate plants per 18 gal SWC was a mistake. They're starting to look like a big tangled mess. Also, one Ultimate Opener is starting to worry me a bit in that the leaves are curling a bit. I'll have to watch it.

The lettuce seems to be nearly finished. Just harvesting the last of it this week. The unseasonably cool weather has kept it from bolting so I think we'll get a roughly 6-week harvesting period from it, which isn't too bad.

We're getting a steady harvest of sugar snap peas and I picked the first of my Mr. Big peas today. I only have one square of them so the harvest will be rather small, but I'll know better for next year.

Both the bush beans and pole beans are growing quickly. The pole vines are about 4 feet tall now and most of the bush plants have tiny beans hanging from them.

I don't think the peppers enjoy this cool weather much, but they seem to be hanging in there.

Hopefully, this rain will let up soon and I can get some pictures taken for my next post.


  1. Yuck for the constant rain. We had a storm blow through here last night and flatten our corn. :( Hope your plants do okay.

  2. Luke, I would think the 2 determinate tomatoes in an 18 gallon swc would be no problem at all. Some pruning would help things, I bet.

  3. I'm sorry for the rain but happy you had an extended lettuce season! I have lettuce envy. I didnt get but one head due to inexperience. I planted 4 square feet of peas and got a very small crop. I planted them in clay pots which I think got too hot in the sun and burned the plants. I am building a box for them LOL

    I am sure you will have green beans soon! Once I started seeing the tiny ones, it wasnt a week and a half before I was able to harvest them.

    Oh Ribbit, if my corn blew down, I would have a breakdown. For some reason, corn is my favorite.

    Good luck Luke! And I didnt mean to steal your name. I named mine then saw yours. We can share right? :D