Sunday, April 26, 2009


I recorded 90 degrees in the shade here yesterday and looks to be about the same today. Too hot to do much in the garden, but I did manage to get out and give everything some water and set the peppers and tomatoes out on the back steps to soak up some sun.

I rigged up a shade screen for the lettuce. I don't think they were quite ready to face this kind of heat so soon. I think I'm going to lose 2 or 3 icebergs but the rest seem to be holding their own.

Here's a shot of my cauliflower. This one has a lower leaf that's turning yellow. Not sure what to make of it yet. The newer leaves look okay and the other plant seems fine. I'll keep an eye on it.

Here are the yellow onions, all doing well.

Spinach and parsley.

Snow peas (left) and Mr. Big peas (right). Looks like a bird took a dump on one of the snow peas. They seem to like sitting on the crossbar of my trellis.

Broccoli and peas.

Peppers and tomatoes, out on the steps.


  1. Did you start your parsley from seed? I haven't had much luck with mine. I'm trying again.

  2. I read that parsley is difficult to start from seed, but I had no problems. I just used off-the-shelf Burpee seeds and they popped up sooner than the package said and they've been doing well since.