Thursday, April 30, 2009


The heat wave broke yesterday and temperatures have returned to normal. All my plants seemed to have survived it okay. One of the Iceberg lettuce plants isn't looking real healthy, but I'm going to give it a little more time to see if it recovers.

Three out of four swiss chard has sprouted. I'm a little confused with these. I planted what I'm fairly certain was one seed per hole, but it looks like 3 sprouts have come up from each. Not sure if this is all one plant or not. I guess I need to read up on them a bit more.

Spinach, also doing well. (One shriveled up and died. I resowed another seed there.)

Peas and broccoli.

I planted a second square of spinach, a second square of swiss chard, a square of radishes and started my cucumbers inside. Also finished my first SWC. It's a bit on the ugly side, but luckily no one will see the guts of it. The "one tote" design was a bit of a pain. Took forever trimming and trimming to make the lid cutout fit down inside. Walmart had 18 gal Sterilite totes on sale so I'm going to try the two-tote method with the pond basket wicking chamber for my second one.

Lastly, the fruit trees are flowering. And my new dwarf gala looks to have survived the transplant. It's leafing and I see some flower buds starting to poke out. The grape vines are also beginning to leaf.


  1. My chard sprouts more than one per seed too. I think they are like beets and the "seed" is actually just a covering for lots of little seeds. I just use a scissors and snip off the extras (pulling might upset the roots of the ones you want to keep).

    Things are looking great!


  2. Luke - I thought about making a 1-bin swc like that, but realized it was just as easy to use 2. It doesn't look bad to me...