Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indoor seedling update

I haven't included many shots of my indoor seedlings, so here's an update on them. Fist is my tomato plants (started on 4/3). I'm starting a few for my mom's new garden, too.

Here's most of my first round of lettuce plants (also started on 4/3).

Finally, my pepper plants (started on 3/18).

This afternoon I began work on the first of two Self Watering Containers (SWC) that I will use for tomatoes. I'm working off the plans that use only one plastic tote (to save some $$). I have to say, these are kind of a pain to make. Lots of drilling and cutting tough plastic. I got the PVC sections cut and drilled, the lid cut to size and drilled full of holes. Still need to cut out the sections for the wicking chambers and fill tube.

Lastly, I started my last 20 lettuce plants in the peat pellets and potted up a couple tomato and lettuce plants inside.

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